Women are better drivers than you think. There are times some stereotypes are better left ignored, but in the case of lady drivers, Bridgestone Philippines believes that it is worthwhile to be addressed. “We have to keep on challenging stereotypes like this not only because it is empirically proven to be false but because if we don’t, the notion makes women believe that they are indeed less equipped behind the wheel,” says Ruby Gan, from Bridgestone Philippines’ marketing division, who came up with this idea for the brand herself. “We have to tell the world that women drivers are better than we think and we have to start telling women themselves what they are indeed capable of, and further help them in making educated motoring choices—from car maintenance and the purchasing process to choosing the right tires.” After all, women drivers are really better than we think, and a number of studies proves so.

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A study conducted last year by Privilege Insurance declares that women drivers are better after scoring significantly higher than men in various categories on driving safety and speed. Papers and researches provided by many other insurance providers say the same thing, which is the reason behind the fact that women pay a lot less for car insurance. And it’s not just about being on the road—we’re talking about proper parking too. According to a ranking of 2,500 drivers by a British parking operator NCP, women outscored and outperformed men in terms of positioning, timing, and finding a slot—and even if they did, only a fifth of them thought they were actually good at parking.

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While countless studies conducted in key cities the world over prove that lady drivers are in fact better than we think, the notion that they struggle behind the wheel is still pervasive—so much so that some women themselves underestimate their own motoring capabilities. Talk about the stereotype becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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In a series of information drives and events, Bridgestone Philippines is set to push the #IAmBetterThanYouThink campaign for women empowerment throughout the year. To begin, Bridgestone Philippines gathered the lifestyle press in a driving and tire testing event. The goal is to emphasize the important element of a truly safer, better vehicle—tires. The media was able to engage in special driving segments that allowed each participant to see the difference between quality tires and their opposite. The first segment put a bald tire and a new tire with proper remaining tread depth to the test. This allowed each participant to discover and actually experience how crucial tires are when it comes to driving on wet surfaces—a major concern especially with the looming rainy season. The second segment, on the other hand, put an under inflated tire and a tire with proper inflation pressure to the test. This allowed the media to see how important tires are when maneuvering and controlling the vehicle—from dodging a deep pothole to avoiding anything that falls from the vehicle ahead.

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The event also featured in-depth discussions and stories on everyone’s motoring concerns. Can gender stereotypes steer our driving skills? What will ensure driving safely in the city? How can quality tires deliver better mileage, fuel efficiency, less carbon footprint? Are women really great mechanics? What can we learn from lady drivers? Just why are tires so important? What are the biggest motoring myths that must be debunked? Bridgestone Philippines definitely took the challenge, answering pressing questions, providing ultimate solutions, inspiring driving safety and confidence, and most importantly, cultivating a city of truly better motorists—men and ladies alike.

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