Are you craving for pastry or something sweets that will brighten up your day? It’s time for you to taste the cookies, brownies and cakes at Figaro. Introducing the delicious Figaro Fruit Cake, chocolate based cake is full of fruits and nuts, laced with alcohol (brandy) covered with white chocolate royal icing and glazed fruit bits.

Another to look forward at Figaro is the Red Velvet Cake, an elegant cake, moist and delicious with a wonderful chocolate taste with heavenly creamy frosting. Just like the Figaro Fruit Cake, this is mouth-watering pastry and very delicious.

Try the Peppermint Brownie which is chewy and fudgy brownie topped with a refreshing mint flavored, finished with a white chocolate glaze and candy confetti sprinkles. What I like about this brownie is that mint really combines with the chocolate that gives more flavors to this pastry.

Another variety of brownies at Figaro is the Butterscotch Bar which is made of sugar, butter and cream, caramelized into perfection. Finished with a shiny chocolate glazed and tapped with nuts.

Christmas Tree Cookie and Gingerbread Cookie, this biscuits are made of Soft dough, Butter and Sugar. Fragrant with special royal icing and candy confetti sprinkles. This is perfect pair for Cafe Americana or brewed coffee.

Lastly is the Pistachio Biscottie, this crisp and crunchy double baked cookie are dressed for the holidays with lovely green pistachio dipped both ends to white chocolate. I like this Pistachio because this is not too sweet unlike other Pistachio available in the market.

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