Over 400 bikers from all over the Philippines, including corporate clients of Globe Business, converged the most anticipated biking event in the country, “Globe Cordillera Challenge 6” that happened on Saturday, May 2, in Tublay, Benguet.

Globe Cordillera Challenge 6
#GlobeCordi6 tested bikers’ stamina and endurance at the rugged terrains of Cordillera

Organized by Globe Telecom and Cordillera Conservation Trust, Globe Cordillera Challenge is an environmental campaign that aims to raise awareness for the need to protect and rebuild the mountains of Cordillera.  The “GlobeCordi 6” are aiming to create larger nurseries around forest 200,000 seedlings.

Rough uphill and downhill roads force the bikers to alight their bikes
Rough uphill and downhill roads force the bikers to alight their bikes

This year, the long-distance mountain bike event featured two courses where the elements challenged the bikers’ skills and resolve: the 65-kilometer Epic and the 35-kilometerMini Epic. Both have 50% worth of climbs and descents as well as technical rides over loose soils and double tracks through forests, steep trails, rough roads, stream crossings, and varying climates. The new wisper wayfarer is a very capable ebike with 4 main variations all derived from the same thoroughbred eMTB frame. If you are also a biker like them and you’re still looking for a good bike, see here a perfect ebike for you.

Bikers took a group photo with the background of Ambuklao Dam.

Despite the grueling, wheel-busting, nerve-wracking ride, #GlobeCordi6 bikers are rewarded with the awe-inspiring beauty of Cordillera mountains. Their strength, skill, stamina and courage were really tested in the extremely difficult and dangerous trail.

Jonathan Lapaza from Team Globe emerged as the faster biker in Epic course, having completed the trail at 3 hours and 28 minutes. Famous personality spotted in the #GlobeCordi6 was actor Oyo Sotto.

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