There are lots of beautiful waterfalls in Laguna. Each falls has its unique beauty, giving tourists an spectacular waterfalls experience. One of the famous waterfalls now in the province is Hulugan Waterfalls.

Hulugan Waterfalls

Hulugan Falls is specifically located in Barangay San Salvador, Luisiana, which is also the jump off point or entry point. The town of Luisiana lies between Pagsanjan and Lucban. It’s 3-4 hours drive from Manila.

Hulugan Waterfalls

At the jump off point, everyone is mandatory to pay registration fee and to hire a guide. At this time, there’s no fixed rate for guides. Near the registration area, you can find different sari-sari stores that sell goodies and refreshing drinks. There are also available restroom/ CR in the area

The trail going to waterfalls is easy. The first 500 meters trail is concrete and the rest is rough roads. The only challenge is during rainy season. The road gets muddy and slippery.  It’s advisable to wear trekking shoes or sandals. There are areas in the trail that will test the endurance of  your knee. Expect some assaults going back to entry point.

What I recommend is to go to the Hulugan Falls early in morning. You would appreciate more the beauty of the place if you won’t see a lot of people taking pictures near the falls. Hulugan Falls was already featured in GMA7 travel show’s  Biyahe Ni Drew. It became more famous because of this show. Photos of the falls are now circulating around the social media like Facebook and Instagram.  Expect a crowd during the weekends.


  • 0400 Depart for Manila
  • 0600 Depart for Luisiana, Laguna
  • 0800 Arrival At San Salvador
  • 0830 Start Descend to Hulugan Fall
  • 0900 Arrival in Hulugan Falls
  • 1100 Start Ascend to San Salvador
  • 1130 Clean Up
  • 1200 Arrival at San Jose
  • 1230 Start Trek to Aliw Falls
  • 1400 Arrival in Aliw Falls
  • 1530 Start Trek to entry point
  • 1645 Clean Up
  • 1745 Depart for Manila
  • 2030 Arrival in Manila

How to get to Hulugan Water Falls

By public transportation: Ride a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna via Calamba.  Bus terminal is located both in Cubao and Taft. From Sta. Cruz, ride a jeep bound for Luisiana. Ask the driver if it passes by San Salvador. If not, ride a tricycle from Luisiana to San Salvador.

By private transportation: Take Calamba exit in South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) going through Pansol, Los Banos, Pila, Sta Cruz and Pagsanjan.  From Pagsanjan,  look for San Salvador arc on your right past a waiting shed.

Aside from Hulugan Falls, you can also visit the Aliw Falls, Talays Falls, and Cavinti Falls or Pagsanjan Waterfalls.

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