Admit it, getting up in the morning can be one of the most challenging things you do in a day, especially with the weather getting a wee bit more relaxing lately. The temptation to have a slow and sluggish start to your day may get way too difficult to fight.

But being late to anything, whether to your morning ritual or to your work is never a good way to start the day. No matter how inviting it is to sleep in, you’ve got it in you to seize the morning and make it a great one.

And what better way to do just that than to have your perfect cup of coffee, right? Not only can it help give you the energy that you need, it can also put a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for that tamang timpla in your cup of coffee, try the NEW Great Taste Duo — the first 2-in-1 coffee mix in the market. It’s got the bold coffee flavor you crave for in the morning, mixed with just the right amount of sugar to sweeten your days.

This innovative mix of dark roast coffee and brown sugar is perfect to make you feel energized and ready to conquer a busy day ahead. Since it’s also easy to prepare, you can enjoy this at any time of the day too. What’s best about it is it’s available both online and in your nearby sari-sari store for only Php 5.00 per sachet!

Sometimes all you need is the ideal 2-in-1 coffee companion to put a smile on your face first thing in morning or in the middle of a challenging task. So, don’t forget to grab some when you go out to get buy your favorite pandesal and palamanbreakfast combo.

 For more information on this all-new 2-in-1 coffee mix, visit Great Taste Facebook Page.

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