My Husband’s Lover topbills by Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana, and Tom Rodriguez

Before it was aired on the Philippine television, “My Husband’s Lover” pilot episode was presented and viewed first by members of the media and bloggers. I was fortunate I’m one of the bloggers who was invited to watch exclusive advance preview of the pilot episode of the upcoming primetime series offered by the Kapuso Network.


“My Husband’s Lover” is the newest primetime drama series of GMA 7 topbilled by the multi-awarded Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana and new Kapuso hunk Tom Rodriguez. The story is centered to Vincent (Tom), a young handsome man from a rich family and the only son of a retired general (Roi Vinzon) who gets married to a beautiful interior design student name Lally (Carla). The two decide to marry despite the cursing of Lally’s mother (Glydel Mercado) and  disapproval  of Vincent’ mother (Kuh Ledesma). Lally was pregnant before the marriage happened.


The two are happy with their own family but the past of Vincent triggers to destroy this happy family. He has been keeping a secret about his past. This secret  also that he kept from everyone else ever since he was young.  He is homosexual. Vincent has a history of engaging to a relationship with a man, particularly with his college friend name Eric (Dennis), and said to be Vincent’s great love.  They’re best buddy.  Eric and Vincent are in love to each other. The good relationship cut off when Eric left the country.


After staying in USA, Eric went back to the country for his loved-one, unfortunately Vincent is already married. Because of their strong feelings for each other, they started having an affair and hide it to Lally.

How will Lally discover her husband’s darkest secret?  Is Vincent will come out the closet about his sexuality? What will happen on the relationship of Eric and Vincent?


My Husband’s Lover” other cast members are Chanda Romero, Kuh Ledesma, Glydel Mercado, Roi Vinzon, Victor Basa, Pancho Magno, Bettina Carlos, Karel Marquez, Kevin Santos and others. It is directed by Dominic Zapata and created by Suzette Doctolero (of “Amaya” and “Indio” ).

The show has approved by Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to be aired late primetime sched with a rating o f of SPG (Strict Parental Guidance).


I would like to congrats GMA -7  for taking the risk in doing this kind of TV show. I do understand some people might not like the story about gay relationship to be aired on TV but I think this is the right time each of everyone to be open-minded on this kind show. This is not just a story that comes from the mind of writer but this is the reality.. this the truth. and it’s really happening in the society.

“My Husband’s Lover” airs weeknight at 9:30 PM on GMA  Telebabad

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