Aside from the smartphone, digital camera and action camera, some of us invest for a quality drone. Whether you’re a video blogger, aspiring photographer or tech enthusiast, it might be the time for you to get a drone. The camera drone will definitely help you to capture stunning aerial footage. Today’s drones are more portable and advanced than ever before. A lot of drone brands available now in the market come with amazing features to suit any user.

Propel Philippines recently launched its newest HD drone called Batwing. The brand has created a drone that looks like a Batman symbol. It has an onboard camera that records high-definition videos in 720p resolution and captures descent photos. It has unique switchblade technology which allow user to operate in 3-channel ad and 4-channel modes at a range of up to 60 metres.

The Batwing can perform 360° aerial stunts and has a 6-axis gyro system for amazing stability in rain and wind. It also offers easy maneuverability and flexible navigation. Choose from 3 speeds for customized control. It can reach speeds of 30mph over a range of 200ft. Flight time can take up to 10 minutes up to 30 minutes.

The Propel Batwing is made of lightweight ABS plastic, which measures just 3.7 inches by 4 inches. It comes along with 2.4GHz mini controller which control the drone to perform stunts and capture HD videos and photos from the onboard camera.

Propel Batwing drone specifications

Dimensions: 3.7 inches x 4 inches x 1 inch
Design: Lightweight ABS plastic frame
Gyro: 6-axis gyro
Speed Settings: Three
Maximum Speed: 30mph
Camera / Video: Built-in HD camera to film in 720p resolution
Maximum Flight Range : 200ft
Storage: Micro SD card required (not included)

The Propel Batwing HD drone is a now available at Lazada and can be purchased soon on the Propel’s e-commerce platform for Php3,999.

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