Rocco Nacino plays gay on the comedy movie titled I Luv U, Pare Ko.

Rocco Nacino
Rocco Nacino

The film is centered to a guy name Sam, pretending a real man to his bestfriend Carlo (Rodjun Cruz). Sam is really in love with Carlo. One time, Carlo needs a help  to Sam and he will do anything for the person’s willing to solve his problem. Is this the chance of Sam to comes out?

I Luv U, Pare Ko movie trailer can now be seen in YouTube. It’s really a hilarious movie clip. I enjoyed watching the trailer because Rocco really plays well on this film. He acted like a real gay specifically the “paminta” one. I’m sure many people can relate on this film.

The film is produced by Krix Film Productions and directed by Neal Tan.

Check out I Luv U, Pare Ko full movie trailer below:

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