Sprinto, an international brand and maker of cutting-edge eyewear recently unveiled its newest eyewear collection which look classy without having headaches caused by wearing heavy spectacles, the Sprinto’s Zero Gravity Eyewear collection.

Sprinto_Zero Gravity_York

The Zero Gravity collection features weight-optimized lenses and ultra-light frames making it the perfect eyewear for professional on-the-go. More importantly, it comes in various designs that are chic, comfortable to wear, and perfect for all day.

Sprinto_Zero Gravity_Maine

Sprinto_Zero Gravity_Liberec

The secret to these incredibly thin and lightweight frames is Sprinto’s commitment to investing on high quality source material and progressive technology, resulting to products that are rimless, screwless, hingeless, and virtually weightless, with an overall reduced weight of more than 50%, in comparison to regular frames in the market.

For more information on Sprinto and their designs, visit www.sprintoworld.com.

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