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Vacuum cleaners are game changers in doing household chores. Using them is better and healthier because they absorb organisms and allergens that a broom and a dustpan can’t pick up. Vacuum cleaners are not only for floors. They can be used for couches, curtains, walls, staircases and many other surfaces.

But not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. There are vacuum cleaners that are a cut above the rest in terms of design, performance, battery life and durability.

Beko, Europe’s No. 1 Appliance Brand, provides technology solutions that can help make daily life easier. The Beko PowerClean cordless vacuum cleaner (VRT94929VI, VRT82821BV) redefines the category with its ergonomic design and powerful performance.

Find your new cleaning heroes in Beko’s new PowerClean vacuum cleaner. They are equipped with the latest technologies and the ability to tackle any surface to help make everyone’s daily cleaning routine easier and more hassle-free.

It also has a 2-in-1 design, which allows it to be converted into a handheld device, and accessories, such as soft brush, elbow tool and crevice tool, to tackle every cleaning situation.

“We’re very happy to bring Beko PowerClean cordless vacuum cleaner to the Philippines. It will enable people to live safer and more hygienic and make life easier for anyone who uses it,” said Beko Pilipinas Country Manager Gurhan Gunal.

Thanks to SelfStand, another special feature, the vacuum cleaner will stay upright when you stop halfway through.

The Beko PowerClean vacuum cleaner, when fully charged, has a 45-minute runtime so you can get the whole house done in one charge. The docking station will not only recharge the vacuum cleaner back up to the full 45 minutes in no time; it’s also the perfect place to store your cleaner when you’re not using it.

Enjoy superior performance and practicality with Beko PowerClean vacuum cleaner.

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