Watsons Men Zone provides Total Solutions for Men

Proper grooming is finding the right products. It’s really a must to know the best products for our skin, hair, lips and others. Eventually these are the essentials that’ll get us to look good and feel great.

Watsons Men Zone

There are so many men’s grooming products available over the counter. Honestly, I don’t have patience to walk around the department store just to look all the men’s grooming essentials. Good thing there’s Watsons Men Zone which can help me to easy find the men’s products that I’m using to my everyday living.

Watsons Men Zone is a one stop shop that has anything and everything just for men. It offers men’s best grooming products like Clear men, Dove Men, Vaseline Men, Belo Men, L’Oreal Men Expert, Nivea Men, Gillete’s select razors, Schicks Shave Guard Foam and Gels, Watson Men Moisturizing Lip Balm, Gatsby Agua Deo, Adidas Ice Dive, Playboy New York Deo and Axe Apollo.


Let’s go first to Belo Men with DermWhite plus microbeads. It is a whitening body bar with Glutathione, Kojic Acid and Gigawhite.

Benefits of Belo Men soap are the following:

*Whitens in as little as 7 days with DemWhite Plus- a combination of Glutathione, Kojic Acid and Gigawhite.
*Moisturizes with skin Vitamins
*Removes old, rough skin with microbeads
*Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested


Another whitening facial wash that you might consider is the Nivea Men Whitening. It is formulated with five natural ingredients for lighter, brighter skin.

What Do You Get?

*Deeply cleanses and removes impurities for clearer skin
*Brightens & evens out skin tone
*Prevents skin from feeling dry & fault
*Gives smoother & healthier looking skin


L’Oreal Men Expert has smoothing action formula that prevents the recurrence of acne marks and makes skin sifter and brighter.

Actions for Skin?

*Clears skin from excess sebum and controls sebum secretion day after day
*Helps reduce pimples and prevents their recurrence with its Salicylic Acid
*Makes skin looks healthier


On the other hand, Vaseline Men has the right amount of hydration for healthy, resilient skin.

Benefits of Vaseline Men are the following:

*Exfoliates dead and dull skin cells
*Makes skin visibly clear and fairer


To all the Dove fans out there, Dove Men has a mild formula that thoroughly cleanses while effectively fighting dry skin

Benefits of Dove Men are the following:

*Fights skin dryness
*Smoothes Dry Patches
*Deeply cleans impurities


If you’re looking for men-specific shampoos and conditioners, choose Clear Men. It has cooling menthol ingredients that intensely cools and deeply nourishes the scalp.

Performance of Clear Men:

*Nourishes 3 scalp layers deep
*Targets dandruff at the source
*Boosts scalp health


For active guys out there like me, you can use the Gatsby Aqua Deo, an innovative powder product from Japan that contains sebum-absorbing parties for lasting freshness.


I’m badminton aficionado and I sweat a lot. To control sweat and odor, the best buys are the classic favorite Old Spice High Endurance, which offers high-performing odor protection.


One of my friends told me that one of the reasons why our beard grows faster is because of stress. I’m not sure if that’s true  but somehow he’s correct.  So I used Gillette‘s razor paired with Schick’s Shave Guard Foam and Gel. These combo promises a smooth shaving glide.


Watsons has a wide of array of body sprays and men’s colognes that spell sexy and fresh just like the Adidas Ice Dive. It has fresh scent for men who live the thrill intense pleasures.

Another is the Playboy New York Deo, a scent designed for confident men.


Lastly, one of my favorite is the Axe Apollo, a classically fragrance meant for heroes.

In Watsons, men’s grooming is quick, simple, and rewarding and they house the best grooming products.

And  you know what dude! Because Watsons Men Zone is made especially for men, every items we purchased are rewarded with special gifts, freebies and invites to exclusive events.

Thanks to Watson for providing a venue for us to easily find the best’s male grooming products. With all the grooming solutions available at the Watsons Men Zone, not only me, every guys now are geared, groomed and ready to rule the world. Rock on guys!

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