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Honestly, when I hear the tagalog word “Tuhog”, the first thing that comes in my mind is a chicken/pork barbeque or any food that on a stick. But for the Skylight Films’ Tuhog starring Eugene Domingo, Enchong Dee, Jake Cuenca, Empress and Leo Martinez, somehow it’s the same thing but it has very interesting story behind the meaning of it.

TUHOG -movie

Tuhog is centered to the stories of three individuals namely Fiesta (Eugene), a middle-aged woman working as a barker/ticket inspector in a Bus company, Tonio (Leo), a retired family patriarch and Caloy (Enchong), a lad preserving his virginity for his girlfriend Angel (Empress). The three main characters got into an accident and they pierced through a single steel bar- a dangerous situation that even their doctors find hard to solve. Who will die? Is there anyone from the three will survive?


I would like to share you guys, I was fortunate to be invited in the blogcon event for this movie. We met the two main characters of the movie Eugene Domingo and Enchong Dee, the director, the writers and others.

Before the answer and question portion about the movie, I noticed Eugene and Enchong were really close to each other. It seemed they got an excellent friendship while doing this movie. There’re some kulitan moments which very visible on my eyes. Anyway, that’s really nice to have good relationship with your co-actors even the movie is already ended.


We asked first the Cinemalaya award winning director Veronica “Ronnie” Velasco on what she can say about the movie. According to her, she’s very proud on this movie. The experience was very fulfilling because the movie was not that easy to do. Ms Ronnie also added she’s so surprised they finished the movie in 23 days despite all the logistical nightmares.

Let’s go to main characters. I always see Ms. Eugene Domingo on different presscon and blogcon. Nothing change, she’s very nice to everyone. Eugene makes sure that we have a  big smile on our face with her crazy but witty answers. She shared the movie has really an interesting story that every Pinoys can relate. Ms. Eugene also added they work so hard for this movie, especially during the shooting  of the bus accident scene.

On the other hand, Enchong Dee is a happy person. He always shows his beautiful smile. Enchong shared that he’s happy to be part of this movie with great story and working with the good director and cast members.

Jake Cuenca is also one of the stars of Tuhog. He’s playing the role of Nato, the love interest of Fiesta.

From the trailer of the movie and what I heard from the director and cast members about the story of the movie, I must say TUHOG is a great movie. Some of you might relate to the story of each character. You might have the same life story of Fiesta, Tonio or Caloy. What I also like about the movie, it talks heart-warming stories of family, friendship, life and of course love.

Tuhog is produced by Skylight Films and ABS-CBN Film Productions. Showing in all cinemas nationwide on July 17, 2013.

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