Holiday season is not yet ended. Recently, Red Ribbon released a video with the title “Ang Red Ribbon Christmas Story ni Emman.”


The video talks about a young boy named Emma who are expecting to receive Christmas gifts from his parents and “ninong & ninang”. Unfortunately, he was surprised there’re no gifts under the Christmas Tree.  He’s very disappointed and cried so loud.

After crying,  Emman surprised again he’s transported in a Black Forest where everything is made of Black Forest Cake.  He met Choco Elf who helped him how to get back home.

Through Emman‘s short stay in Black Forest, he enjoyed cakes everywhere. He also helped White Frost Fairy from coldness and Cherry Cat from being afraid falling down from a tree. These good deeds helped him to go back in the real world.

“Ang Red Ribbon Christmas Story ni Emman” is really an interesting video. It’s all about the joy of giving and sharing. And of course, it shows how the  Red Ribbon Black Forest cake  can give smile to everyone.

Happy  Holiday to everyone 🙂

Watch the video below:

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