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Do you believe I’m influential blogger? Of course I am! Lol.


Last Sept 17, at the Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City Taguig, I was invited on one of the biggest events for Bloggers – Blogapalooza.

The event was hosted by one of the influential bloggers and Dj of mellow 94.7 Vince Golangco of

Perhaps you are curiuos what is this Blogapalooza.

Blogapalooza is a blogger event where big and small businesses present their products and services to the Influential bloggers and online social media influencers. The concept of this event is to have interaction between the business and bloggers or should I say to connect businesses to the online community.

Bloggers are consider as the new media today. I know most of us are in front of the computer more than an hour just to check the status in our social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and many others. This is also our way to communicate to our friends, family and loves one.

With this social media, I as a blogger uses these networking sites to share my blogs. If my friends read this write-up to a certain topic, they might like it and share this to the others. On that way, people will be aware and informed on that. And also, I’ll be able to gain more  readers on my website.

On the other hand, advertisement is one of the biggest factors why business remains standing. This is one way of promoting their company and introducing their products or services to the public. At this time,  blogging can also be use as one of advertisement. Yes it is! If I will write something about this product, I will definitely share it to my friends. My valued readers will able to read it and might share to their friends as well..  On that way, my blog about this product will be spread -out and people will be inform about it.

There you have it! Hope you understand the Blogapalooza. Watch out for more blogs  about the products/services on the  businesses participated on this event.

I would like to congrats all the people behind this event for the  BIG SUCCESS of Blogapalooza!

Special thanks to all the  businesses participated in Blogapalooza

  •  HTC
  •  Sofitel
  •  BlueWater Day Spa
  •  Focus Ventures
  •  360 Degree Fitness
  •  Papa Johns
  •  Human Nature
  •  Galileo Enrichment
  •  Aesthetic Science
  •  Shopinas
  •  Wheat Grass
  •  Avira Antivirus
  •  LayBare
  •  KameraWorld
  •  JapOK
  •  Golden ABC
  •  Unilever
  •  Leslies
  •  PoleCats
  •  Matabungkay Resort
  •  F*art
  •  LazerXtreme
  •  Freestyle Baller
  •  Boudoir Dolls Photography
  •  Tripologie
  •  Aquabest
  •  Healthy First
  •  Creativoices
  •  Sparkle Spa
  •  Size Matters
  •  Oryspa

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