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From the title itself, I thought the film Killing Season was literally all about killing. Somehow the story revolves on war, massacre, brutality, weapons and others, but the real story is about REVENGE. It follows the story of Bosnian War veterans- former American military Benjamin Ford (Robert De Niro) and former Serbian soldier (John Travolta)- as they battle one on one.


Former Serbian soldier Emil Kovac (John Travolta) was looking for the American military veteran and former NATO operative Colonel Benjamin Ford (Robert De Niro) to have revenge. He found Ford in Appalachian Mountain and pretended to be a mountaineer. They became friends in one night and the day after, Kovac revealed his true identity. He initiated to have a game of cat-and-mouse with Ford. Most of the scenes were fighting in the forest, bringing their bow and arrow as their weapons . They tortured each one another. At the end, Kovac understood the real story what happened during the war. Kovac quietly returned to Serbia, while Ford made it for his grandson’s baptism.


Nothing really compared with the acting Robert De Niro. Despite of his age, he’s able to manage the fighting scenes. He can actually do what the young actors can do. He’s very versatile. On the other hand, John Travolta did an excellent acting too! But overall Mr. De Niro overpowered Travolta on this film.

Killing Season is rated 16 film. Even it’s an action film, you would definitely love the flow of the story. Some scene are a bit shocking but it’s part of the film. I will make sure to you, the movie will keep you awake till the end because of the fighting scenes especially on the time  when Robert De Niro poured a lemon juice with salt on the wounded face of John Travolta. It’s a heinous act but it gave me smile. It’s a super funny scene. So you definitely watch for it.

“Killing Season” is released and distributed by Captive Cinema Distribution, Inc. It is now showing in theatres nationwide.

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