Since coming out with an acoustic collection with current pop hits, a few female singers jumped to the bandwagon releasing their own records with the same format. But nothing can beat the one who started it all, a girl named Sabrina with her “I Love Acoustic” album. Through her versions, pop suddenly had a refreshing change with her “acoustified” versions. Its success cannot be taken for granted. “I Love Acoustic” was certified GOLD in the Philippines and was received well in Asian countries that it went GOLD in Thailand and DOUBLE PLATINUM in Indonesia. The album was such a hit that it had to have a part two—“I Love Acoustic Too”. This also went GOLD in Thailand, DOUBLE PLATINUM in Indonesia and made waves in Singapore and the Philippines that they just can’t get enough of Sabrina. So “I<3 Acoustic” was made and is certified PLATINUM in Indonesia and wholeheartedly accepted in Asian territories.

Sabrina is back again with a fourth installment of the series, “I Love Acoustic 4.” Now that it has reached its fourth volume, she has only one word to describe it.

“Amazing! I never expected this much appreciation for my music, most especially from neighboring countries in Asia. It’s very much humbling to experience this kind of success,” Sabrina said.

For “I Love Acoustic 4”, she still sings intimate interpretations of favorite hits. Tracks like “Price Tag,” “Who Says”, “Edge of Glory”, “On The Floor”, “Moves Like Jagger”, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, “California King Bed”, “Hold It Against Me”, “Rolling In The Deep”, “The Lazy Song”, “Back To December”, “That Should Be Me”, “Marry Me” and “Rocketeer” make up the album. Compared to her previous albums, she has shown her mature side through this record and as shown in her album cover.

“It has become a clearer expression of who I have become today – a girl slowly turning into a woman,” Sabrina said.

The album also features her collaborations with a foreign and a local star. For “Just The Way You Are”, Indonesian singer Calvin Jeremy lent his voice to duet with her while our very own multi-platinum crooner Richard Poon sings with Sabrina for the Jazon Mraz/ Colbie Caillat track “Lucky”.

“In collaborating with Calvin Jeremy, it was a new and beautiful experience because I once again realized how music can go beyond any kind of differences, and in this case, it crossed the boundaries of being of different country and culture. It was a freeing experience!” Sabrina said. “With Richard Poon, it is exciting because he’s one of the well-applauded artists in the Philippines today and I have worked with him previously on some of his shows but never got to sang with him, so I am excited as to how this collaboration would turn out.”

The Philippine release also includes a bonus track—“Saranghae” a hit single which is also in the soundtrack of Korean TV series “Perfect Match”.

Sabrina, devoted to her craft will always be in love with acoustic music and she will never get tired of it.

“What I love about it is the emotion it brings to its listeners while soothing their minds and souls as the acoustic music itself is very mellow,” Sabrina said.

That is why she is thankful to her fans not just here in the Philippines but all over Asia for making her a multi-platinum success.

“I am grateful beyond words can say. Their love and support came as an amazing surprise to me and since then, they had become my inspiration to go on, improve, and be the best I can be,” Sabrina said.

“I Love Acosutic 4” by Sabrina is now out in CDs under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines). To download Sabrina’s music, text SABRINA to 3456. For more news about Sabrina, check out

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