Real estate experts have underscored the significance in the growing number of leisure properties integrating strategic township developments in their master plan. Townships are able to meet the preference towards a mixed-use development by providing community living conveniences near residential neighborhoods. South of the metro lies the only unique and exclusive property with the advantages of a planned and managed estate that is far removed from the congestion and other inconveniences experienced in nearby areas. Tagaytay Highlands is on the cusp of seamlessly integrating its main enclaves – the Highlands, Midlands, Midlands West, and Greenlands – into a cohesive, thriving, and self-sustained community.

Tagaytay Highlands, the country’s leading mountain resort real estate property, is on the brink of an exciting transformation, ushering in a new era of community living. With a thoughtfully designed landscape, this leading development is creating a more future- proofed environment for residents and investors alike.


Tagaytay Highlands is setting a new standard as an integrated township envisioned to grow and expand with robust infrastructure and efficient utilities to enhance the estate. “Tagaytay Highlands’ residential and recreational spaces will be complemented by commercial, service, and recreational amenities, fostering a vibrant, sustainable, and holistic environment,” says SM Prime Holdings subsidiary Highlands Prime, Inc. (HPI) Senior Vice President Lennie Mendoza. “Tagaytay Highlands will continue to adapt and transform in providing modern conveniences, committed to an exclusive and complete haven of recreation, wellness, and communion with nature,” adds Mendoza.

This comprehensive approach to estate development is making Tagaytay Highlands an even more highly sought-after destination for risk averse investors and wealthy buyers as it rapidly evolves from a secondary home destination to a primary residence for discerning families. In this self-contained community with a cherished history spanning three decades, residents enjoy everything they need to live, play, work, and entertain.

(Artist’s perspective) Highlands Residences is where one’s story comes to life. Located amid the Highlands enclave’s cool mountain air, this low-density condominium development redefines the idea of mountain living.

Moreover, recognizing the growing demand for open spaces, 40% of its residential communities’ total development area remains dedicated to unconfined areas, providing residents with breathtaking views of Taal Lake and the Highlands’ dramatic mountainscape.

Spanning approximately 1,500 hectares, Tagaytay Highlands also features dedicated areas for trekking, hiking, and jogging. This premier estate is also known as a bird sanctuary, offering bird watchers and enthusiasts a peaceful escape and a place to pursue their passions.

Conveniently located at the heart of Tagaytay, today’s residents already find Tagaytay Highlands to be just a short drive from essential services and support facilities, including hospitals, schools, shopping areas, industrial and technological parks, churches, banks, and gasoline stations.

Tagaytay Highlands’ evolution into the country’s premier leisure mountain estate epitomizes exclusivity and luxury where stunning natural views and a breezy climate combine to redefine modern community living.

(Artist’s perspective of the community) With a world reshaped a million ways, people search for untouched places to take them back to their roots. Trealva at Midlands West stands as a testament to such a timely quest for peace and quietude.


Poised for such a significant shift buoyed by its newly launched residential lineup and several projects in the pipeline, Tagaytay Highlands continues to provide discerning home buyers with breakthrough residential concepts set amid luxury mountain resort living.

Highlands Residences

A much-awaited archetype of Tagaytay Highlands’ renowned lifestyle is set to unravel – Highlands Residences. Designed to surround the central amenity, this low-density condominium development is envisioned to promote open-air activities, which makes Highlands Residences a destination in and of itself. With Tagaytay Highlands’ residential communities being known for having their exclusive world-class amenities, look no further as Highlands Residences already comes with its own line-up of recreational features that are for the sole use of its residents.

(Artist’s perspective of community shot) Tagaytay Highlands presents a unique living experience: a ‘perfect modern summer’ in Primrose Parks, the newest residential enclave in Tagaytay Midlands. With close-to-nature facilities and a lush linear park oriented towards the east so that a picturesque sunrise jump-starts everyone’s day.

Trealva at Midlands West

For today’s growing number of health-and-wellness-conscious individuals, Tagaytay Highlands has revealed its newest residential district—Midlands West. Rising soon in the heart of Midlands West will be Trealva at Midlands West, its very first residential lot community where the district’s distinct design pillars of ecocentrism, sustainability, health and wellness, and luxury mountain living will converge. This new horizontal project is poised to mark a new beginning for the exclusive mountain complex.

Primrose Parks

Primrose Parks is a low-density community that spans 6.3 hectares of verdant greenery in the heart of the Midlands. It has the luxury of so much refreshing green space—with only 99 lots spread at 16 units per hectare—that it lives up to its theme of a year-round ‘modern summer’. With its future homes endlessly blooming, the residential village is endowed with close-to-nature facilities that include a lush linear park oriented towards the east so that a breathtaking sunrise greets everyone at dawn.

Horizon Terraces Garden Villas Scottsdale

Completing Horizon Terraces’ Garden Villa clusters, Scottsdale is nestled at the highest point within Horizon Terraces, a prime residential location which makes it a cut above the rest of the community. Scottsdale features well-appointed three-bedroom townhomes of 140 to 172 square meters each in total floor area, making it an ideal home for growing families. Each townhouse unit comes with a ground-floor den, a
multifunctional space that may be converted into a separate bedroom for extended family members and visiting friends.

Completing Horizon Terraces’ Garden Villa clusters, Scottsdale is located at the highest point within Horizon Terraces, offering panoramic views of stunning sceneries enjoyed from its balconies and terraces, while serving as a safe alternative primary home.

Attesting to Tagaytay Highlands’ commitment to excellence in every detail is its developer HPI’s recently bestowed Bronze Award for Developer of the Year (Luzon) during The Outlook 2023 Philippine Real Estate Awards by Lamudi. Also, for Tagaytay Highlands’ dedication to uphold sustainability, safety, and security, it was recently awarded a “Safety Seal” by the City Government of Tagaytay.

HPI has likewise been named by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development as one of CALABARZON’s 2021 Outstanding Developers for Open Market Projects.

Tagaytay Highlands is confident that there will be continued strong interest in its premium themed residential communities as it remains committed to sustain its vision to be the exclusive leisure property of choice amid the demand for luxury mountain resort living.


Tagaytay Highlands is a private resort of themed residential communities with a holistic leisure environment that defines an exclusive lifestyle set amidst breathtaking views of nature. For inquiries and other information, interested buyers may access Tagaytay Highlands’ Facebook; Instagram (@tagaytayhighlandsofficial); and website .

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