Filipino pharmaceutical and healthcare company UNILAB launches open-source program for health and wellness, Unilab Link-Up.


When it comes to health, Pinoymanila is very particular on products and services for health and wellness. It should be not just effective by the other, but it must be approved, legitimate and accordingly for the right age, gender, purposes and kind of illnesses.

Unilab Link-Up is an online facility where innovators, suppliers, and consumers can submit their innovative ideas for new and improved health and wellness products, services, packaging, and manufacturing technologies. The program also aims to provide solutions to health and wellness needs of Filipinos that have yet to be addressed by existing products and services in the country.


In addition to that, Unilab Link-Up the program also welcomes innovation ideas for functional foods, packaging, manufacturing technologies, and wellness services which means if you have new and interesting ideas that can help to improved health and wellness products, services, packaging, and manufacturing technologies, SHARE IT!

Interested parties can register through to be able to submit an idea . It will go through a four-level review process by an idea review body, with corresponding rewards for the innovation partner as the idea progresses into the review levels until the idea is launched in the market.

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