After looking at the Urbanears headphones, there’s no wonder why owner love it. I heard a lot of good feedbacks about Urbanears products. Something you can match to your clothes with superb sound quality and a budget-friendly pair of over-ear headphones.

Since my iPhone headphone is already busted, this is the perfect time to have a new one and the good thing, I got free new earphones courtesy of Urbanears. What a really surprise! I’m so excited to use it.

I was greeted by a pair of Bagis in-ear headphone, with a sazzy packaging, a catalogue, two extra pair of earbuds in different sizes and an earphone plug converter. It is very compatible to my iphone that gives a good stereo sound quality.

What I like about Urbanears headphones that it comes in a different colors Urbanears colorful headphones comes in 14 kinds of color each year so that means you are getting something a “limited edition”.  Aside from that, Urbanears headphone has remote control and microphone that are compatible with most smartphones on the market, including iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC and Android phones.

There’s  really no question that the Urbanears products are  stylish headphones. The sound of  headphones are absolutely stunning and awe inspiring . Especially considering the price range. The headphones are noise canceling, which is great for anyone working in a place where they just. So if you are looking to listen to your music for the sheer pleasure of listening and stylish headphone, then Urbanears headphone is the right for you. I really recommend it to everyone.

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