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I’m not really into brand name of the gadget that I’m using. As long it has competitive specs and good in my pocket, I’m willing to consider it. As we all know, there are lots of brand of phones and tablets available in the market. Some of their devices have the same specs and target market. The differences are the quality and the price. I would like to tell you guys that there’s a new local phone brand that offers affordable yet quality mobile phones and tablets- the Arc Mobile.

Arc Mobile

Last week, I was invited by Ross of Pinoy Tekkie in a bloggers event organized by Arc Mobile. Honestly, I really don’t know Arc Mobile. I asked Ross about the company and he said it’s the newest Filipino-owned mobile company in the country. I’ m so curious on their products that why I attended the event. It was held at the Sofitel Hotel in Pasay,  joined by friends from Arc Mobile and bloggers who mostly write about tech.


Some of the mobile phones are really unique but some are similar to other local phone brands with regards to the outside appearance. I checked the specs of each phone and I’m so impressed. Why?  Most of the devices of Arc Mobile have competitive specs  and all of them are less than Php 7000. They are very affordable with these key features.


Arc Mobile presented their smartphones and tablets including Prime 350, Nitro 400D, Nitro 500D, Nitro 450QD, Tab 700M, Tab 720M 3G, and Tab 701D.  As you can see the phone model names have numbers and letters. These numbers and letters represent the screen size and the processor. For example the Arc Mobile Nitro 500D. The 500 means it has  5′ inch display (screen) and the “D” means it’s a Dual Core phone. So from the name, somehow you’ll know the specs of the phone.


One of the phones that caught my attention was the Nitro 400D. It’s very sleek. It’s a 3G Dual Core smartphone. It features Android Jellybean 4.1.2,  5.0 MP camera with 0.3 MP front camera, WIFI, 512 MB RAM which expandable up to 32GB. So far, I like the fast interface when it comes to navigating applications. I also like the outcome of the photo.

I think Arc Mobile is the best for those people who are in tight budget and looking for affordable mobile phones and tablets with competitive key features. And also for those people who have already high end phone and wants another phone.

Check out more information about Arc Mobile smartphones and tablets on my Tech Blog Manila Gadget.

For more details and review on Arc Mobile, visit Arc Mobile website at www. or check out their Facebook Page for more details on the basic phones, smartphones, tablets and upcoming devices.

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