Shenzhen-based Global Pioneer, DOOGEE, is now in the Philippines and recently relaunched into the Philippine market on Friday, September 1, at Crowne Plaza Galleria, showcasing its impressive array of high-quality and professional smart tablets.

Introducing DOOGEE’s Android-powered devices to the Philippines reflects the brand’s global expansion vision and dedication to enhancing lives worldwide with innovative, accessible technology. DOOGEE expresses confidence in forging lasting bonds with Philippine partners, top E-commerce platforms, retailers, and customers, emphasizing trust, quality, and ongoing progress as core values.

Mr. Jack Ji – General Manager, DOOGEE Philippines

“We are very happy and excited to embrace the vibrant spirit of the Philippines that fills us with
boundless excitement. With DOOGEE, we are passionate in our pursuit of providing products
that resonate, products that simplify, and products that amplify the moments that matter most to
Filipinos.” said Jack Ji, DOOGEE’ s General Manager in the Philippines.

Mr.Jom Alovera E- Commerce Manager DOOGEE Philippines
Ms. Trina Santos-Choa – Business Unit Head, DOOGEE Philippines

DOOGEE’s expansion into the Philippine market also highlights the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

The brand showcased its tablets for every need and budget, from the flagship entertainment smart tablet T30 Pro, to the affordable tablets T10 and T10S, which are perfect for students and young professionals who’s geared up to start work and another school year.

“We’ve observed that the market have limited options when it comes to Android tablets, that’s why we decided to bring in the DOOGEE T Series first in the Philippines. Now, we can provide more viable options to every segment in the market, starting from students to professionals, dreamers, and creators. We can help every Filipino’s passions come to life without spending too much.” said Mr. Igue Bonifacio, Integrated Marketing Head of DOOGEE Philippines.

The core of DOOGEE’s product philosophy is the belief that innovative technology should be accessible to all. Therefore, the company endeavors to deliver feature-rich devices at competitive prices, ensuring the Philippines consumers can experience the latest advancements without breaking the bank.

DOOGEE, a trailblazing global corporation specializing in advanced outdoor smart consumer electronics, has held a European registration since 2013, boasting a decade-long track record. DOOGEE primarily focuses on top-tier rugged smartphones and tablets, alongside conventional smartphones, smart tablets, portable energy solutions, and intelligent wearables, among various other product categories. These offerings have enjoyed remarkable success in export markets including the United States, Europe, Japan, South America, the Middle East, and other global regions.

DOOGEE is optimistic about the brand’s long-term development in the Philippines and how Filipino consumers will discover and enjoy its phones and tablets.

For more information, follow DOOGEE Philippines on their Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts. You may also check them out at Lazada and Tiktok shop.

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