When is the last time you visited Taco Bell? Have you tried its latest offering? Well, Taco Bell has a new product that innovates the classic taco into delectable treats. It’s called Chalupa Supreme.

 Chalupa Supreme

Last week I visited the Taco Bell store in Gateway Mall. A lot of customers were eating sandwiches, nachos and refreshing drinks while chitchatting with their friends, colleagues and loved one. The crew went to my table and served a very yummy Chalupa Supreme with crispy nachos and cold red tea.

What I like about Chalupa Supreme, its flatbread is crispy and chewy. The combination of seasoned beef ,sour cream, fresh vegies and cheese really taste good! For sure if you will visit the Taco Bell, one Chalupa Supreme is not enough, you will ask for more.  This new product of Taco Bell is freakin awesome!

The Chalupa Supreme is available for P99 when ordered a a la carte. If you want to  pair it with nachos and your favorite soda, you need to add P50.

To know more about Taco Bell’s Chalupa Supreme and other products, visit its website at www.tacobell.com.ph or check their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tacobellOHL.

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