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Social media has become the integral part of our life. It is not possible to imagine a day without virtual communication with our friends, colleagues, relatives. Distance now is not so important. We can open the social site with personal registered account and share the ideas, opinions and fantasies with the whole world. However, in spite of considerable benefits, certain risks and negative effects of social media essay can be anticipated.

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Negative effects of social media essay

Doctors and psychologists are worried by the dependence on social media, comparing it with alcoholism and drugs addiction. People are spending a lot of time on social sites. More than 63% of people go to social networks every day, and more than 40% visit it several times per day. Many people are so absorbed in social networks that it is much easier and faster for them to communicate and make new acquaintances online than in reality. This leads to the fact that a person can even reject real friends and family. charged for domestic violence

Limit the time spent in social networks. Think that every day you waste hours of your unique life on putting likes to the people who even might not pay their attention on you and your comments! There is no need to check for updates every hour, every free minute at work or at home. Limit the number of visits to pages of social networks, say, up to two times a day. Fixing the time for such check, i.e. at 10 a.m. and at 10 p.m. for half an hour, may be the useful in this case. Please make such experiment and you will see interested result.

It is like a habit to start the day from checking the messages and news of virtual friends instead of from the tasty cup of coffee. The human-being not registered in Twitter or Facebook is considered as retrograde. You look at the brilliant pictures of someone laying on exotic beach with palm-trees and unconsciously compare your petty life with a nice photo. Finally, such comparisons can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. We start to envy the people, their life, their looks, their partners, and their successful and perfect lives.

To avoid the negative effects, you should remember that what you see is just the snapshot of someone`s life, and you do not the complete picture. Think, what a hard job has been done, if these people look like they are, or can afford them to rest like this. Let these blogs or photos be inspiring and motivating for you!

Negative effects of social media essay for college

There are certain negative effects of social media essay for college and students. During the study, they have too much trust on internet and new techniques. Surely, it is much easier to find, copy and use the information or someone`s opinion as their own than to involve the brain resources. Students do not like to study and quickly forget the previous knowledge and experience. This is essential to learn to think, analyze, seek and find your personal solutions.

Besides, while studying the college students use internet to fulfill the tasks. And what is the often picture? They forget what was the primary task when they start internet surfing. They begin to leave comments, post some information; it tightens, and they cannot stop.

How to avoid the negative effects of social media writing tips

Unfortunately, the human brain has no ability to focus on two tasks in one moment. Thus, when you open a social network page and the same time try to analyze the stock market situation or search the articles for your research paper, likely, the efficiency of your main task execution would be low. You will switch between the tabs, answer the messages from your virtual friends and your performance is much reduced. By this reason, the employers often block the social media for their co-workers.

Concentrate on your main task. If you close the tab with a social networking site that is distracting, you can significantly increase your attention and focus on more important things. Now you know how to write about negative effects of social media.

Negative imprint on children and teenagers

Look at your child! Keep in mind that the child rapidly developing the virtual communication skills, will soon forget how to speak in reality. There are many samples when the teenager meets internet friend or girl-friend in person, he is embarrassed and can not find the topics for discussion.

Besides, some websites have sex and violence contents that bring much harm to the psychics and as a result, behavior of small kids and youngsters. This growing generation can be involved in crime related activities. Social media even have the power to make an innocent look culprit and can make a person who is abusive and charged for domestic violence look innocent.

Another part of this problem is psychological pressure on teenagers. There can be different methods: psychological violence, intimidation, blackmail and others. There is statistics that 70% of youngsters who use social networks every day, are five times more predisposed to smoking, three times more to drinking alcohol and twice to smoking light drugs like marijuana. 40% of teenagers admitted that they were subject of influence of photographs and various images in social media.

Do not allow your children to spend most of their time with computer or mobile phone. Do not consider the child in social networks equally with all other communication types. Ideally, Internet communication should supplement the life of a child, but not be the basis of all activities! Give him the proofs that live communication is much more useful and interesting.

For this, show your interest in your child`s real life: ask his about his impressions for the passing day, inquire about his relations with friends, advice your favorite book of film, inspire to go in for sports, etc.

Safety of private information

Take into account that your personal information is accessible for a large group of people – employees of the social network, as well as law enforcement authorities also have full access. Most of the information is available without registration, it is enough to find any user’s page in popular social networks, the rest can be seen after adding a user to friends. As the social media are very open to the outside world, there are lots of cases when user accounts are easily hacked and personal data leak. Even with the top security settings, you cannot be 100% sure that nobody threatens to you.

Therefore, be accurate with the information you post. Your personal data can be used by hackers for stealing your identity, to get access to your account or credit cards. Read attentively confidentiality and security settings for fraud avoiding.


Nowadays, cyberbullying became popular as essay negative effects of social media. It is intimidation of a person by sending him threatening messages virtually.

Nobody knows what kinds of people have accounts in network. Social media are the excellent and unlimited field for cyber criminals looking for unsuspecting victims. For most of cyber bullies, it is an easy way to blast their trophies.

It is still the open question of screening the social media users and disable the bullies. So far you can block any suspicious user or delete your profile.

Spamming and viruses

Another big problem in social media is spam. Social networks are trying to actively combat this, introducing new mechanisms for detecting and blocking spam, but spamming world is continuously developing. This problem causes serious losses to networks and much inconvenience to users.

As you know, many various viruses spread to social networks. Sometimes it is even hard to identify and detect them. Loading any social website is like a lottery where you have good or bad luck. Computer viruses from social media may destroy your computer or hack your personal information.

Therefore, it is strongly prohibited to use the suspicious web-sites, click advertisements. Install the spam filter in your e-mail system and anti-virus software to protect yourself and your computer or phone.

Negative effects on health

The large essay about negative effects of social media on human health can be written. We only enumerate the main ones. One of the main problems is the eyestrain. Another problem is pain in the neck and back, due to the fact that a person is so involved in Internet surfing that he forgets to change his posture. For the same reason, the muscles atrophy, and the bones weaken. Extra weight can also be a big problem.

So doctors recommend the people working at the computer, to take breaks for the eyes and change the type of activity. It is good to do a little exercise to stretch the muscles.

Positive effects from social media networking

Of course, being active in social media life has also positive aspects. We briefly describe the main of the favorable effects:

● Helps us in business in different ways

● Increase communications via social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

● Increase opportunity to sharing experience writers, students, scientists, bloggers etc.

● Removing all communication blocks between peoples.

● Great possibility to unite more people around the World.

Common tips to avoid negative effects of social media

Forewarned is forearmed. Now you know how to write on negative effects of social media on different aspects of our life. Think twice about your personal safety and unnecessary risks.

Remember that social life is not the most successful substitute of real life. It is much better and pleasant to talk with your friends and loved ones in reality, to kiss and feel their warmth, to hear their laugh, to see their smile.

Let`s benefit from the social networking! Send the message to your friend with the proposal to discuss many topics accumulated during the last week and appoint the meeting in cozy cafe. Write your boy-friend that you missed him and prepared the pleasant surprise for him for the night. Or finally, arrange with classmates to meet to remember the good old days.

Congratulate someone with his birthday, which he celebrates on the other side of the world.

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