Indie Bands Pay Tribute to The Dawn

The Dawn reinvented the Philippine music scene, crossing genres to become one of the country’s premiere bands. 25 years later, they have managed to assemble an impressive repertoire.

MCA Music, Jam 88.3 and Cushe footwear releases a fitting tribute to The Dawn as they celebrate their 25 years in music with the album “Enveloped Ideas.” It features a new breed of artists giving their renditions of a distinct sound that defined an era. Recapture the magic of The Dawn’s memorable songs interpreted by today’s generation.

Tracks included are: “Enveloped Ideas” by Techy Romantics, Enemies of Saturn interprets “Harapin ang Liwanag”, “Living Seed” by Lip Service, Ginoong Vitalis makes their version of “Dreams”, “Sali-Salita” by The Discoball, Happy Days Ahead covers “Love Will Set Us Free”, “Ang Iyong Paalam” by Overtone, Join The Club covers “I Saw You Coming In”, “Babaeng Mahiwaga” by Flying Ipis, Gun Monkeys do “Little Paradise”, “Difference” by Switch, Rubberpool remakes the hit “Talaga Naman”, “Alam Ko, Alam N’yo” by Milk and Money, Soft Pillow Kisses’ “Runaway” and “Tulad ng Dati” by Playphonics.

“Enveloped Ideas” is out now at leading record stores distributed by MCA Music and presented by Cueshe footwear and Jam 88.3. To download the carrier single “Enveloped Ideas”, text ENVELOPD and send to 2728 (for Smart), KK855 and send to 2332 (Globe), 5492888 and send to 2300 (Sun). For more text codes, log on to or

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