Invite your friends and get P100 for you and your friend!

Cashless transactions make my life easier. It keeps me track of my finances much easier. It also gives me convenience and peace of mind when purchasing items online. Good thing I have one of the reliable e-Wallets like PayMaya to pay bills, to buy my needs, or to send money to my loved ones.


As we are battling with the pandemic crisis, we need to be careful in all of our actions especially if you are planning to go outside. It’s advisable to stay at home and transact through online to ensure that we are able to lessen the risk of transmitting the virus.

If you are looking for a safe, convenient, and a rewarding way to pay during quarantine and beyond, I highly recommend to download and create an account on PayMaya. Register using my code ( 2d2ojyo ) and you’ll receive P100 gift after you sign up, upgrade and add money to your account.

To invite friends:
  • Tap the menu button on your PayMaya account
  • Choose “Invite Friends”
  • Share your unique invite code to as many friends as you like

To sign up with an invite code:

  • Download the PayMaya app and register
  • Input your friend’s invite code on the “Get free credits” screen and submit the code
  • Upgrade your PayMaya account for free
  • Add Money to your account

If you don’t have your own PayMaya account yet, download the PayMaya app for Android or iOS, create and register your own account, and start paying for anything both online and in stores!

Marco Dennis

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