Learn To Make Perfect Cup of Coffee through Starbucks Philippines’ Coffee College

For some coffee lovers, drinking coffee is necessary before they start their work. Others want hot coffee on their table before or after taking a meal. Nowadays, a lot of people are drinking coffee regularly. Most of them pair it with their favorite food. Coffee also becomes the energy booster for some to feel alive and productive while at home, school and office.


In the recent media event, Starbucks introduced the Starbucks Philippines’ Coffee College to members of the press. It’s an immersive coffee journey where participants will able to learn the 4- course coffee and food pairing lunch. Starbucks partners (employees) shared their expertise in brewing and helped media partners in preparing their coffee.

“Coffee is not just about drinking it. It’s about savoring each sip and enjoying the experience. Every pairing is unique and will take your coffee experience to new heights.” said Keith Cole, marketing head for Starbucks Philippines.



The menu was conceptualized by Celine Lichauco, Starbucks Philippines, assistant manager for food with the help of Third Villaflor, Starbucks Philippines, senior learning specialist and in partnership with Chef Booj Supe of Gourmet Garage.

The lunch menu was delightfully paired with the different coffees of Starbucks. The exciting line-up of dishes started off with a refreshing Petite Mesclun and Raspberry Salad paired with Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee. Cold Brew Coffee is balanced and smooth which makes it easy to pair with most food. Since the salad had a variety of citrus notes, this made the Cold Brew even more refreshing.


For the entrée, guests were guided to brew their own cup of coffee prior to consuming their dish. The first main dish, a Sous Vide Angus Beef with Almond Gouda Crumbs paired with a cup of Starbucks Kati-Kati™ Blend brewed using the classic coffee press. The Kati-Kati Blend is a medium-bodied coffee originating from Kenya and Ethiopia. When brewed using the coffee press, the citrus notes of the coffee are intensified due to the dark chocolate demi-glace while the gouda cheese brings out the spicy notes of the coffee.


The second main dish was a juicy Grilled Cilantro Chicken with Lime Buerre Blanc which was paired with a Starbucks Reserve® Rwanda Musasa to complement its lemon acidity flavor. This time, the coffee was brewed using two methods; the Pour-Over Cone brew and Chemex. Although the same coffee, both brewing methods drew comparison in flavor and body. The pour-over brewing method is a beautifully simple and accessible way to brew a single cup of coffee with clean, fully developed flavor. With this method, the bright citrusy notes of the coffee were brought out and had a lighter feel.


While with the Chemex combines elegance and function using a pour over method with a beautiful glass decanter. The Chemex amplified the body of the coffee giving it more of dark cherry citrus notes. The coffee also had a bolder and smoky feel due to the grilled chicken flavor.


Lastly, the hearty lunch was capped off with an interesting take on a dessert – Coffee Jelly made from Starbucks VIA® Italian Roast topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. Guests were then given a sachet of Starbucks VIA® Matcha to sprinkle on top of the ice cream. This created a wonderful combination of the boldness of coffee and the goodness of green tea with the sweet and creamy taste of vanilla ice cream.

As the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee, Starbucks has always been defined by its ability to showcase its coffee passion, consistently serving each of their customers the best cup of coffee every time for the ultimate Starbucks Experience.

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