People around the area in Morayta and Recto are wondering on the billboard with captions, “Maghihintay Ako – Manuel.” A lot of them are talking about this mystery billboard, thinking Who is Manuel?. Some of them are asking if Manuel is a celebrity or a famous personality. Other questions are “Why is he waiting?” and “Who is he waiting for?.”


On the billboard, there’s additional text at the right corner, “EDSA, Shangri-la Hotel” and “May 22, 2015”. The signage looks like a wedding proposal by a very sweet guy named Manuel. The “EDSA, Shangri-la Hotel” might be the wedding venue and “May 22, 2015” will be the date of the ceremony. Is it really a wedding proposal or just an upcoming teleserye of a local channel? What do you think? 


Aside from Morayta and Recto, you can also find the same billboard in Divisoria, South Superhighway and other parts of the Metro. This is really eye-catching and interesting.

Mark your calendar now! I’m sure all the details will be revealed on the 22nd of May. Let’s watch out for that!

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