Online shopping is very helpful way of buying things through the internet. It gives us to enjoy wide variety of goodies from a diverse storage of all kinds of items. Shopping Online is also very convenient. We can shop wherever, whenever we want. It saves our time and money.

One of the online shops I trust is Shopee. There are lots of deals and better prices are available on this site. The choices are also amazing. There are also some products that can only purchase on this online shopping site.

I have my top 10 Shopee item wishlist which I want to have before the end of 2018:

1. Red Oppo F7

The Oppo 7 is one of the latest smartphone available in the market. This new smartphone caught my attention because of its color. Red is one of my favorite color. It attracts luck and it looks elegant. I checked online on its specs and it’s pretty awesome. Oppo 7 features 25MP front camera, 16 MP Rear Camera, 3400mah battery and powered by MTK P60 Octacore processor. The SRP of this smartphone is P21,990 for 128GB which comes with FREE Solar and freebies.


2. MIO Slice

I’m a sport into enthusiast and I love spending my time in several games. If I don’t have travel, I play my favorite sports– badminton, volleyball and running. I’m considering to buy a wearable that can track my performance.  I think the MIO can help me to check my opportunities and progress. The MIO Slice is the first wearable that provides PAI score. I also like its battery life which last up to 5 days.

3. Merrell ShortSleeve Black (w/ print)

One of the most activity I love is hiking. It’s a bit challenging yet fulfilling. This kind of outdoor activity is not that easy as yo think. You need to prepare yourself for a long walk and to expose to direct heat of the sun. Aside from being physically fit, it’s advisable to wear proper clothing. I think the Merrell shortsleeve Black is a perfect shirt to wear when climbing. It looks comfy to wear.

4. Weide Sport Watch

Upon browsing online, I saw this cool watch from Weide Sport Watch. It’s a blue index black genuine leather men’s watch. Aside from its eye-catching design, I also love the color, which is my favorite color. The watch features alloy case, stainless steel backcase and buckle. Would you believe it’s less than P3,000. Yes, it’s really affordable.

5. Giordano Foldable Backpack

As a backapcker, I want to make sure my travel apparels are easy and light. Most of the time, I don’t stay in a certain destination, I travel a lot and moving to nearby towns or provinces. With this kind of activity, it’s a must to know the most important things to bring every time you travel. I always carry 2 bags, the big one for all my tings and a small one or foldable backpack for my gadgets. Every time I go outside from my hotel, I just bring the small bag for my important belongings and the Giordano Foldable Backpack looks perfect for that. The design is really cute and it’s affordable for the price of P750.

6. Huga Travel Short

Most of my shorts in the cabinet are travel shorts. From red, orange, gray to white, I think I have all the colors. The majority of my shorts are color gray. It’s just like black where you can paid to any kind of tops. The Huga Short looks really cool. According to the product detail, it’s ultra soft cool cotton blend fabric with zipper lined side pockets.

7. Jag Black Men Skinny Distressed

The skinny distressed denim pants are now in demand to most men in the country. The style and design are eye-catching and fashionable. Jag, one of the trusted international clothing brands, offers a Black Men Skinny Distressed.  Either you wear simple tee or polo, this denim pants can match to any t-shirt or polo.

8. Dyson AM07 Tower Air Multiplier™

When I saw the products of Dyson, I’m really impressed! The technology that used on each product was really amazing. One of the products that caught my attention was the Dyson AM07 Tower Air Multiplier™.  The usual fan that I’m using has electric fan blades, but the Dyson AM07 Tower Air Multiplier™ has no blades. The Air Multiplier™ technology Air is accelerated through an annular aperture drawing in surrounding air to project smooth powerful high-velocity airflow.

9.  Imarflex Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Due to my busy schedule, I don’t have time to wash my clothes.  I bring my dirty clothes to laundry shop and pay the for detergent soap, fabric conditioner and their services. I know it’s additional expenses. When I saw Imarflex Fully Automatic Washing Machine, I think it’s time to invest for a washing machine. It will not only save money, it will also give me a peace of mind that my clothes are fresh and clean. The Imarflex Fully Automatic Washing Machine features customized 10 program settings, customized 4 washing process, digital controlled operation, vortex washing motion and a lot more.


10. Grand Videoke

One of the activities we enjoy most after our shift is singing. After office hours, sometimes we go to music hub. Even we don’t have that good voice, we still enjoy the music and the company. I’m planning to buy GRAND VIDEOKE. Instead of going to the music hub, I can invite my colleagues to my humble home. On that way, we can save time and money. The GRAND VIDEOKE features 6,000 built-in songs, singing – dual professional wired microphones and equipped with Dream 2634+ Sound Module for realistic, more detailed HD sound quality.

All the items on my wishlist can be found on Hoping before the end of the year, I can buy these items. I’m pretty sure Shopee will have a big SALE and I can’t wait for that.

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