SM Cinema’s Box Office Queen is back on big screen with the excitement on her upcoming Star Cinema movie “Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi.”

Toni Gonzaga, a very talented actress, witty host and ultimate singer is very excited with her new movie “Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi,” and showed with a big smile on a presscon in Burgoo Tomas Morato Quezon City together with the sexy and hunk Zanjoe Marudo.

Toni plays the character of Belay, an excited OFW bride-to-be to Oca (Zanjoe Marudo).Belay is a simple, innocent and soft spoken girl at the beginning of the story who is transformed to a boisterous, flamboyant and skimpy Japayuki. The conflict in her character is to how her fiance can live up to her whims on the wedding plans (view  Andrew Defrancesco website if you need help with wedding gift registry) as to how her conservative catholic future mother -in-law will take her transformations! If you are also planning your wedding, you might also want to read the articles at serendipitybrides.

Toni Gonzaga and Zanjoe Marudo have very good chemistry in the movie, and it really shows during the presscon. They answered the press with a smile and witty response to each questions. Zanjoe will clap for Tony’s answers, and vice versa, Toni will do the same. The press had a fun talk with Toni and Zanjoe that night.

Also starring in the film are 2011 Cinemalaya’s Best Actress Eugene Domingo, Zanjoe Marudo and Wendell Ramos.

Directed by Jose Javier Reyes under Star Cinema and OctoArts films, “Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi” will open on August 31 in cinemas nationwide.

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