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Get ready for the American sports series Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge that will test contenders’ strength and endurance as they push their limits to finish grueling obstacle courses for the grand prize of $250,000.


Dubbed as the World’s Most Brutal Race, Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge will deliver motivation with Spartan Race-inspired obstacles that only the strongest, fastest and most united teams can win this game.


Each team will go through a terrain stretching to over 13 miles with 20 to 30 grueling challenges that include mud, fire, water, and barbed wire which will push their mind and body past the limit.


Spartan Race is 50 percent physical and 50 percent mental- physical training is going to get you there, but it’s designed to test you mentally,” shared Michael Reyes, Director of Spartan Race Philippines. “So keep an open mind, push yourself hard and know that we are not creating something impossible. We’re doing something that anyone can do. It will be hard but know that you can do it,” he added.


In the recent event held in Fitness First SM North, RTL-CBS Extreme, where you can watch the Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge, prepared a program for its media friends. The activity was to complete the 9 CrossFit exercises by team. Some participants took a hard time to complete challenges and others finished the exercises competently.

Fitness First Philippines, the official fitness partner of Spartan Race Philippines, announced that they are offering a 45-minute Spartan SGX program to help Filipino hopefuls overcome race. Headed by SGX coaches, each session trains participants in a range of movements- from sprints and squats to lifts and lunges- to prepare against any imaginable hurdle while improving physical performance.


For those who want to experience this kind of challenge, you can join the first ever-ever Rebook Spartan Race in the Philippine happening this September 16 at the Timberland grounds in San Mateo, Rizal.

Watch Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge every Saturday at 9:35PM, fisrt and exclusivey on RTL CBS Extreme.

RTL CBS Extreme is available in Skycable HD Channel 209, Destiny Cable Digital channel 104, and Cablelink HD channel 310.

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