Beauty and Elements Ventures Inc. formally introduced its newest product, Lolita with its brand ambassador Myrtle Sarrosa, last September 22, 2012 at the 55 Events Place Tomas Morato Quezon City.

Myrtle Sarrosa for Lolita
Myrtle Sarrosa for Lolita

The fashionable event was joined by the friends from the media (TV, print and online) and Bevi, bloggers, Myrtle’s family, friends and fans and among others.

Lolita Spray Cologne
Myrtle, Janeena Chan and its co-host Paul Chuapoco

The show was really entertaining. It was hosted by Janeena Chan and its co-host Paul Chuapoco. The question and answer portion was really great because we’re just like watching a TV show. It’s very  informative and entertaining. Kudos to the host of the event.

Of course the highlight of the event was the appearance of Myrtle. She looks so beautiful on her red dress with matching heart-shape embroidered on it. She’s also like big cute doll.

Myrtle and Fashion Bloggers walked on the runway

As we all know the Myrtle is the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 grand winner. With her passion in cosplay, excellence in achieving her dreams, dedication on job, good heart to everyone, Myrtle is the true embodiment of the Lolita girl.

Lolita is the new line of fragrance that every girls must have. It is a spray cologne that has a floral to fruity scents. It also comes in cool and fun bottles that color-coded for each different scent.

Here are the following Lolita scents:

CALI: The CALI girl is fun and adventurous, always taking risks and daring to be different. Yet deep down, she is also a true girly-girl with a love for alluring floral scents that bring out her audacious feminine side.

CHICK: CHICK starts off with a delicately sweet whiff and settles into a warm scent reminiscent of rich, velvety baby powder. Just a few sprays and you’ll have delectably lasting fragrance for hours.

Myrtle for Lolita

COSPINK: A romantic fragrance all around, COSPINK will surely captivate your heart. Its dreamy blend of floral notes is part sweet, part flirty – and completely girly. A true pinkaholic’s dream!

FAIRY: Looking for the sweetest fruity scent to top off your look? FAIRY takes you to the next level with its sugary scent sure to leave people whiffing for more. Simply delicious!

FANTASY: This fresh and airy fragrance will leave you daydreaming about an endless summer filled with beach adventures and cool breezes. FANTASY’s light citrus notes simply make for the best tropical scent!

Myrtle for Lolita

ROUGE: For the playful, outgoing girl – ROUGE is your perfect scent. Paint the town red in this classic flirty fragrance that will surely make a lasting impression.

With its six irresistible scents, I’m sure there is a Lolita for every kind of girl and every kind of personality.

Lolita spray cologne is available in all leading department store and supermarket nationwide.

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