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Back in my college days, I’m not really much aware what HIV infection is all about. All I know that HIV is associated with AIDS, a disease due to unprotected sex that will leads to death.

Last August 17 at Blackbird in Makati,  Red Whistle, a local community group that response to the alarming number of new HIV cases in the Philippines and the rising number of deaths due to AIDS related complications, introduced “The Red Whistle Campaign.”

The Red Whistle aims to empower and inspire people to come together and help each other in this battle against HIV and AIDS.


“No more AIDS-Related deaths, STOP the SPREAD of HIV now, Together we Can.”

The Red Whistle is a response to this alarming situation. The emerging trend shows that the current prevention programs are insufficient, and the communities affected by the epidemic must be mobilized into action to support initiatives that aim to stop the epidemic.

The Red Whistle has three objectives: 1. Raise awareness on the situation to encourage community action; 2. Deliver safer sex messages designed to reach communities affected by the epidemic; and 3. Help facilitate access or referral to HIV services, including HIV test procedures, treatment, and support services.

 The Red Whistle aims to empower and inspire people to come together and help each other in this battle against HIV and AIDS. We hope to reach our objectives through online and social media efforts, visual arts and rebranding through the red whistle. We hope to engage individuals and groups to HELP sound the alarm in their respective communities that HIV is here and that it must be stopped.

At this point, the HIV infection carrier in the Philippines is increasing for about 25%. Six new infections are recorded everyday, an exponential leap from the ‘low and slow character of the epidemic before 2007.

Niccolo Cosme, co-founder of the Red Whistle is encouraging everyone to “SPREAD THE NEWS, NOT THE VIRUS” about the awareness of AIDS and HIV. He also conducted a Project Headshot Clinic for the Bloggers wearing the RED WHISTLE as symbol of this campaign.

Check out also the RED WHISTLE Campaign event on august 31 at 7th High Bonifacio High Street. The event will start at exactly 9pm.

For more information, visit The Red Whistle Facebook page @

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