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Star Cinema and Viva Films proudly brings to the big screen another compelling love-drama that answers these “how’s” in their new movie, “No Other Woman”.

Directed by Ruel S. Bayani, the story delves into the realms of love, passion, deceit and obsession “ No Other Woman” biasts of casting the country’s most desirable leads, Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes in what could be the most demanding, provocative and emotionally-charged roles of their careers!

Anne Curtis plays the role of Kara Zalderiaga, a young carefree socialite who can and will get whatever she wants. Sha has had many boyfriends but has continuously been emotionally-detached to love. To Kara, life is all fun and in “love”, no strings attached. But deep in her core, she has been longing not just to be desired and admired but likewise appreciated and truly loved. Derek Ramsay is Ram Escaler, a charming dedicated furniture salesman husband driven by his ambition to prove himself to prove himself to the world. To Ram, being a good husband that can provide the best life to his family is lifelong goal. He is obsessed with the idea of living out of the shadows of his father-in-law and away from the image of his estranged father. Cristine Reyes is Charmaine Escaler, the beautiful “perfect” wife, calculating, prim and proper to a fault. Charmaine is concerned with image and takes her roles as an ideal wife to heart. To Charmaine, she will let nothing and no one ruin the ”perfection” she has created for her family.

How will these three lives change? How can the once carefree mistress clingy to the only man who believed and appreciated her and destroy both her family’s name and the family of the one she loves? How can an ideal husband be overcome by passion and commit the biggest mistake of his life? How can be the “perfect” wife save her marriage and not become an appalling and monstrous version of herself? Amidst tensions, scandals, confrontations and their emotions, the three would eventually learn a lesson that will change their lives forever.

 For Anne, playing the role of a mistress is no doubt a brave career move. After all we have all been used to seeing her in good old sweet roles. To see her portray Kara should be a must-watch! As for Derek, taking the sole male lead is a first. He has always been the third party in his big screen roles. But this time, he is the center of it all. Finally, Derek is out to prove that he can be the lead after all! And as for Cristine, playing that predictability by portraying the cheated role and will show to the World that she could be the perfect one for it and no other!

Love, passion, deceit, obsession, “ No Other Woman” will surely fire-up the big screen as it hits over 100 theaters nationwide on September 28,2011.

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